Jean Kerrigan, your Professional Academic Advisor

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PRIORITY REGISTRATION: First Semester Meeting for New Admits

A meeting for our new advisees, in the first semester of attendance, to answer any questions about USM you have and to prepare you for the Priority Registration process at USM. Students should prepare for this meeting by creating a Wish List of courses!

Duration: 1 hour

PRIORITY REGISTRATION: Continuing students (UNDER 54 CREDITS)at First Year or Sophomore Standing

These meetings take place from mid-March to the end of April and again from the middle of October until the end of November to review classes for the next semester and prepare for registration. Students should prepare a Wish List. Remember– I advise, but you decide!

Students with 53 or less completed credits meet with their professional advisor for this appointment. All undeclared and Conditionally Admitted students meet with their professional advisor.

Students with 54 or more completed credits meet with their faculty advisor for this appointment. Not assigned or not sure? Contact your major department directly or check your MaineStreet Student Center.

Duration: 30 minutes

General Meeting

General Meeting: 30 Minutes

Duration: 30 minutes

General Meeting: 60 Minutes

Duration: 1 hour

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